Little Things Make Big Things Happen

You have just been matched with a Little. Great! You have so many exciting plans and goals, and you are ready to make a big difference in your Little’s life.  Sometimes, all these Big plans and Big goals can get overwhelming. It is important to remember that it’s the little activities that leave the biggest footprint.


Meet Big Sister Tina and Little Sister Jaylen

We encourage matches to do free or cheap activities in the community. Tina and Jaylen were up to the challenge when Tina wanted to buy Jaylen new summer clothes. Together, they found sales and coupons, and Tina taught Jaylen about comparative shopping along the way. Whenever they go to the grocery store to get supplies for an activity, Jaylen takes the lead in comparing prices and sizes, and finding the best value.

Teaching an Essential Skill

This dynamic may seem like a small act, but for Jaylen (and many other Littles who are low income) this is an important life skill. Really, this is an essential skill for anyone. Tina takes her role as Big Sister seriously, turning everyday shopping trips into fun learning experiences for Jaylen.  This activity also builds trust in the match, as it gives them a chance to share the victory of a Great Deal!

Better, Forever

Every match is different, but every Big can teach their Little important life lessons through small endeavors. You don’t have to fix everything in order to make a big impact. Take a shared interest (like shopping, sports, or movies) and take little steps in order to teach a big lesson that your Little will take with them forever.

How have you seen this in your Match? What “little” things you do together create a big impact?

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